Your Template Experience

Progressive Dimensions THE-GUYS

You did it. You took the first step and started your kitchen project. Now from here, let us walk you through the template phase. You’ll hear from Katy, who will schedule the date and window as to when we will arrive. And your templator will call you 30 minutes before their arrival.

Get ready for your template by clearing off your countertops and emptying the sink base cabinet.  New or existing cabinets must be fully installed and level with nothing loose or missing. If you choose to supply your own sink, please have it on site to make sure that it will fit. Farm Sinks, however, must be installed.

The templator will begin by reviewing the particulars of your project including edge, overhang, sink, and stone. This is the time to ask any questions you may have. 

Next, the templator will let you know how long the template measure will be. It’s ok if you want to stay and watch or you can go to another part of your home to wait. Once the digital template is done, the templator will give you a virtual design of your kitchen for you to approve.

Once you’ve signed off, he will chart an access path to your kitchen, so the installers will know the layout of the house before arriving. This also determines how many installers are needed for the job and if they need special equipment that may be needed the day of install.

Our templators have 15 years of combined experience and outstanding reviews:

“This is our 3rd countertop with Progressive Dimensions, and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable about the products. The templators are awesome!”

“The templators did a fantastic job on measuring some complicated areas and the install team was efficient and did a fantastic job”.