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Elevate Your Countertop By Choosing Your Custom Countertop Finish. 

When it comes to natural stone, Progressive Dimensions uses the most exclusive technology to make your countertop unique. Choose from any of our custom finishes on granite, quartzite and marble countertops when you purchase at any of our Progressive Dimensions locations throughout New Jersey.

Polished-Flat surface with classic gloss shine.

Brushed-A natural, textured surface.

Iced-A textured surface with high shine.

Honed-A smooth, matte surface.



At Progressive Dimensions, we are one of the leading stone fabricators of countertops in New Jersey. We continuously invest in the latest technology to bring our customers a kitchen they love. We strive to make your kitchen remodel easy and fun!

Our Marketing team is constantly researching upcoming trends and unique opportunities for our products. Being able to offer custom finishes to any natural stone, gives Progressive Dimensions Countertop customers a way to elevate their countertops effortlessly. 

Visit our Shrewsbury, Manahawkin, Toms River or Egg Harbor Twp. store today to feel the difference. 

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