Hello, Shrewsbury!

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We know that it’s an exciting time when you’re renovating your kitchen and buying countertops is a big part of it. Recently, we welcomed our first customers at our new fourth store in Shrewsbury. They did their homework and had lots of questions. She, however, likes quartz, while he likes granite. So, we were happy to give them a tour of our indoor slab yard filled with both quartz and natural stone. And, as we talked, they learned about stone and we learned about our new community. We couldn’t have asked for better customers. We started with the difference between quartz and granite. Quartz is manmade while granite comes from deep within the earth. Quartz has beautiful, consistent veining that looks a lot like marble, while each slab of granite is unique with pretty variations throughout.


Care and maintenance of countertops was a big worry for these homeowners. I always assure my customers that quartz and natural stone are very durable and can definitely hold up to everyday use.  Although you shouldn’t place a hot pot on quartz, it can withstand other sources of heat like a coffee mug, a hot plate or a bowl of soup. Natural stone, on the other hand, can take a hot pot, but we recommend that you don’t make it a habit. If you need to put it on your granite or quartz top, use a trivet or pot holder. As far as stains go, cleaning up spills right away is a good rule of thumb. Natural stone such as granite, quartzite and marble, must be sealed which is why we recommend our 15 year sealer for peace of mind.  Quartz, on the other hand, does not need to be sealed at all. Wiping down your countertops with soap and water is fine or you can use countertop cleaners just as long as it doesn’t have ammonia, bleach, or vinegar. We use Windex Multi Surface on our countertops.


As far as colors, she was looking for white with gray veining like Borghini Silver, which is very much on trend. While he preferred a pop of color like Vivid Green which is becoming more popular. Overall, they enjoyed this part the best and were impressed with all the different stone choices.


Finally, we told them about our process. Not only do we have expert designers with years of experience, we also digitally template, and fabricate, as well as, install. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through each and every step. As a family owned company in business for over 25 years, we can confidently say that we are well known in the remodeling industry.


They finally agreed on a quartz color called Portrush from the Cambria brand. It is white with blue veining. I guess you can say they met in the middle. 


Why not pay us a visit and start your own journey at one of our four locations: Shrewsbury, Toms River, Manahawkin or Egg Harbor Township. We’d love to meet you and show off our showroom and slab yards. We guarantee that we will exceed your expectations!