New Trends

COVID has changed our lives in many different ways. Some homeowners are now working from home permanently and are rethinking how they want to remodel their homes, especially their countertops. Because of that, Progressive Dimensions is seeing design trends that we’d like to share with you.


For about a decade, white on white or white with gray kitchens have dominated the industry but now we’re starting to see customers wanting to bring nature and its colors indoors by asking for quartz countertops with pops of cool blues and warm sandy hues. Many homeowners are choosing quartz or engineered stone because it gives you the beauty of natural stone with the added benefit of being highly hygienic. Calacatta Mirragio Cielo delivers those ocean blues and Empire Gold brings in rays of sunshine. Progressive recommends a matching high backsplash to add more character.  Pure white cabinets will always be popular but now some are choosing creamy off white instead. Nautical blue in cabinets is also gaining traction with handleless doors to create a simpler, more streamlined look or you can use interesting hardware to enhance your vision.


If you’ve started to bake while in lockdown then marble makes the perfect countertop.  Not only because it stays cool while you are working with dough but also has gorgeous movement that elevates your kitchen with saturated color.


Going into 2024, we will see how time and circumstances affect our style choices. Take a walk through our full slab showrooms to unlock the possibilities available to you and bring Mother Nature into your new life.