Cabinets Make All The Difference


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We’ve talked about islands and other countertops in your kitchen.  But now let’s talk about the functionality of cabinets and how it can transform your life. Maximizing your storage space including special add-ons will enhance your cooking experience. With every countertop comes another opportunity for cooking space, storage or seating.

It’s all about having a user friendly design. Pantries are the most popular cabinet in kitchen design. Having one designated area for spices, cans, jars, or dry goods is a huge boost for storage efficiency. Everyone’s favorite is the chef’s pantry. A popular design is a floor to ceiling pull out version with numerous rolling shelves.

A microwave cabinet tucked under the countertop is a convenient way to free up your beautiful new countertop. Above that, at counter height, is an ideal spot for your appliance garage. 

Underneath your island you can put base cabinets with shelves to store plates, placemats or even cookbooks. If you opt for a drop-in stove, you can interact with family and friends while cooking.

A slender tray holder keeps your cookie trays, broil pans and other trays neatly stored.

A relatively new accessory is a garbage holder in a Lazy Susan design.

These are only a few cabinets and accessories used in kitchen design. We carry high quality brands like Cubitac, Hanssem, Wolf, and 21st Century. Different styles are on display in our showroom. Our designers have 10 plus years in custom cabinetry.  Make an appointment today to get started.