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An excerpt from an article written by Marirose Krall of Design NJ Magazine:

” ‘Recently, we invested in a new machine that can “basically take the finish off granite and give the customer a variety of different options. Now we have four finishes: honed, leathered, iced and the standard polish. I found the machine at a trade show and knew I had to bring it to my customers. It’s really cool. Really neat stuff.” Ed’s pride and delight in his vocation is apparent every day. Lisette says, “He still loves doing this work, and that enthusiasm carries over to the guys who work in the shop.’ “



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All of the finishes provided by Progressive Dimensions allow for the countertops to not only look stunning but be functional as well. All custom finishes can be cleaned and sealed the same way as a polished stone. Customizing your finish does not interfere with the integrity of the stone nor does it become softer. If you have any questions, please contact any of our locations for assistance.